The Malaga Deluxe

Layout: This six person Executive spa tub has 5 seats and 1 recliner, composite frame, UV lamp, 2 pop-up speakers and a sub-woofer and built-in aromatherapy.


Seats: 6
Total Jets: 56
Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 910mm
Weight: 320kg
Pumps: 4
Circ. Pump: 1 x quiet pump
LED Lighting: Waterline + Underwater
Music System: 2 pop-up + 1 sub-woofer Bluetooth
Electrical Requirements: 32A
Headrests: 3
Acrylic: 6mm PU reinforced acrylic
Frame: Composite
Ozone self-clean: YES
Ultraviolet self-clean: YES

Interior Colour Options

Pearl White, Sterling Silver
Tuscan Sun, Storm Clouds

choice of colour surrounds

Exterior Colour

Black, Grey, Brown

Regular Price: £8995




Just £3695 deposit, then only £333.33 p/m

Latest Insulation Technology

Insulated Thermal Shield Blanket Inspired by NASA, the Triple Thermal shield technology is incorporated in the pipes, cabinet and flooring. The aluminium foil side of the Thermal Shield reflects the heat back into the hot tub while the pipes are designed to absorb the heat.

Free ABS Sealed Base

Protects your hot tub from damp and pests. An ABS sealed base provides protection and prevents cold coming in through the floor. The ABS floor is insulated with aluminium foil.

Free Composite Steps

All our hot tubs come as standard with high quality composite steps which will not rot or fade.

Gecko Control System and Heater

The ultimate Gecko control system is fitted to this spa that allows WiFi connectivity (optional) and integrated audio.

Music system

The Malaga Deluxe features 2 pop-up speakers and a sub-woofer inside the spa. It is integrated into the Gecko control pad via Bluetooth.


This model does not feature a waterfall.

Ultra-Violet self-clean

The Malaga Deluxe comes standard with Ultra Violet self-clean technology linked to the dedicated circulating pump. This is an upgrade to an Ozonator. It’s just one more reason why our spas stand out from the competition.

Lucite® Acrylic (USA) Shells

Our spa shell is made from superior quality 6.3mm PU reinforced Lucite acrylic (USA). Lucite acrylic has always been known in the spa industry for its durability, look, and style. Now Lucite includes Microban antimicrobial product protection. Microban is infused directly in to the molecular structure of the shell so it doesn’t wash off. Microban inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause odours, stains, and product degradation. Now you can spend less time cleaning your spa and more time enjoying it.