Malaga Deluxe Hot Tub from Therapy Spas

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The Malaga Deluxe

Layout: This six person spa tub has 5 seats
and 1 recliner, and is fitted with 3 headrests.


Seats: 6
Total Jets: 44
Dimensions: 2000 x 2000 x 910mm
Weight: 320kg
Pumps: 3
Circ. Pump: 1 x quiet pump
LED Lighting: Waterline + Underwater
Music System: 3 speaker bluetooth
Electrical Requirements: 32A
Headrests: 3
Acrylic: 6mm PU reinforced acrylic
Frame: Composite
Ozone self-clean: YES
Ultraviolet self-clean: YES

Interior Colour Options

Pearl White, Sterling Silver, Cameo, Cinnabar,
Tuscan Sun, Storm Clouds, Tranquility

choice of colour surrounds

Exterior Colour

Starline Black, Starline Grey, Starline Brown

Free Insulation Cover + Composite Surround

Free cover with your Hot Tub

It is important to have a good insulation cover to retain heat, it is also important to ensure you a wood composite surround to ensure it does not rot or fade in the sun.

Free ABS Sealed Base

Free base with your Hot Tub

Protects your hot tub from damp and pests. It is important to insulate your hot tub. Without proper insulation a lot of valuable, expensive energy you use to heat the water will be lost through the hot tub body. This hot tub uses insulating foam to retain heat inside the spa.

Free Composite Steps

Free steps with your Hot Tub

All our hot tubs come as standard with high quality composite steps which will not rot or fade.

Balboa Control System and Heater

Free base with your Hot Tub

Balboa hot tub controls are manufactured in USA and are the world's best control system.

Bluetooth audio system

Free speakers with your Hot Tub

The Malaga Deluxe features a Bluetooth music system with two waterproof speakers.


Free base with your Hot Tub

Ultra-violet cleaning system included on this model.

Free Ozonator

Free base with your Hot Tub

Each of our spas comes standard with the ozone generator. The generator continuously injects millions of tiny concentrated ozone bubbles in to your water, killing contaminants on contact. It’s just one more reason why our spas stand out from the competition.

Lucite® Acrylic (USA) Shells

Free base with your Hot Tub

Our spa shell is made from superior quality Lucite acrylic (USA). Lucite acrylic has always been known in the spa industry for its durability, look, and style. Now Lucite includes Microban antimicrobial product protection. Microban is infused directly in to the molecular structure of the shell so it doesn’t wash off. Microban inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause odours, stains, and product degradation. Now you can spend less time cleaning your spa and more time enjoying it

UV-C Water Sanitizer

Free base with your Hot Tub

The Wellis UV-C water sanitization brings the latest advances in UV-C water treatment technology to domestic Spas. This water treatment is hypo-allergenic and practicably 100% effective in destroying bacteria, viruses and water bourn contaminates. Using just a tiny amount of power, it will silently, safely, and automatically treat the entire spa bathing water, many times each day, ensuring crystal clear, natural quality bathing water for you and your family, whilst minimizing the use of additional sanitizers.

- Ensures fresh, clean and clear water
- Disinfects water efficiently and safely
- Bound chlorine is broken down by UV-C light
- Protects your water from germs
- Can reduce the use of chorine and other chemicals by up to 80%
- Prevents the smell of chlorine and avoids irritation of the skin and eyes (red eyes)
- The lamp has a UV-C output of 11 Watt
- Simple maintenance

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WPS Cabinet Frame

Free base with your Hot Tub

Immortality for the spa cabinet`s frame!
The special polymer ensures exceptional stability and life for the Spa’s structural frame – protecting and extending the life of your investment even further.

Silent, Heated Air Bubbler Pump

Free base with your Hot Tub

Our exclusive warm air bubbler system is fitted as standard to all our bubbler equipped spas. The warmed air combined with a sparkle effect gently caresses and oxygenates your skin. Much more comfortable than the more common cold air systems, our heated air reduces heat loss from the water.
Our exclusive German built Silent™ warm air bubbler system is extremely quiet at less than 60 db.